Direct West Natural Resources LLP

Direct West Natural Resources LLP has been in business since 1999. To see our Corporate history, click here. With our Administration and Services site, we hope to regain old Customers and gain new ones with the aid of our Network of sites for DWNR.

With our new DWNR you can use our telco’s Datacom Network and the assistance of our overflow company Direct West Forestry Ltd. Of which, a 200 person labor pool can be used for operations and services requisitioning.

For inhouse Services Contracts, we use:

A Safe Certification by the BC Forest Safety Council

Training Type: SEOHSC. Cert # 2524

Dean Stratton CEO,

Direct West Natural Resources LLP


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BC Notice of Articles,

Colin Report

2021 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

Federal Incorporation,

2021 Annual Return

2022 Annual Return

Ohio USA Articles of Incorporation

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